We didn’t stop Boris

[Picture of a few of the Stop Boris campaign posters]

Boris Johnson has been elected Mayor of London. We failed.

This is where we bow out, for now at least.

For full coverage of last night's results coming in, please visit the Stop Boris blog's live coverage of the evening.

We did our best, but it wasn't good enough to compete with Lynton Crosby and the massed ranks of the right-wing press.

The next four years will be very sad years for our great city.

If you want to reminisce about the weeks leading up to the election, when we still held out hope of success, the rest of this web site and the blog archive are preserved for posterity.

Thanks for everyone's efforts who's contributed to the campaign. We tried. Goodbye.

Latest news:

The results are in and Boris Johnson has been elected Mayor of London.

2 May 2008

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